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Dental Implants Offer Realistic Tooth Replacement


If you’re missing one or more of your teeth, smiling doesn’t come so easily and you may find yourself missing out on the life that you really want to live. It is embarrassing to miss a tooth, and partial plates or dentures simply do not provide the realistic feel that you want and need. Dental implants are now an option and for many people, they’re one of the best. If you need tooth replacement in Jacksonville, perhaps dental implants offer what you need.

Dental Implants cost a bit more than other tooth replacement options, but when it is time to display a beautiful smile, cost is often of little concern. When you add together the benefits that implants offer over the alternative options, it is easy to understand why they cost a little more and why it is well-worth the extra expense. But, what is it about dental implants that make them so much more phenomenal than other tooth replacement options?

First, implants look and feel more like natural teeth, so having them in your mouth doesn’t cause any disturbances. They stay in place, attached to the jaw with a metal screw. You care for the implants as you would your real teeth and when you do, they look and feel great. In fact, implants can last a lifetime when properly maintained. You will smile more often and regain any confidence that you might’ve lost.

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The advantages of the dental implant are tremendous and well-worth the extra money that you spend. These are only the start of the benefits dental implants offer. It is important to maintain confidence, but if you are unhappy with your smile, that doesn’t happen easily. You can get the confidence that you need and smile often when you speak to your dental professional concerning implants.